A cooking and lifestyle coaching consultancy helping families foster confidence (and deliciousness) in the kitchen.


Vestal is a female-owned cooking and lifestyle coaching consultancy providing hands-on expert advice so you can enjoy the time you spend in your kitchen and at your table. In a time of evolving traditional gender roles and increasing social media lifestyle comparisons, professional adults and new parents frequently feel as though they are inadequate or ”failing” to provide properly for their family, both in and out of the kitchen.


Vestal’s goal is to foster confidence in their clients, so they were looking to create a logo, brand identity, and website that would be a safe and friendly place, while feeling clean and professional. The illustration style was created to inject humor and approachablility through their imperfections and humor. These design decisions, such as soothing color choices and a casual tone of voice, ensures that clients feel like are not alone, and they can confide in Vestal with their insecurities without judgement.

“Brielle was smart and strategic through every part of the process of creating my brand. The logo she created is nothing short of brilliant, and my website is beyond what I’d hoped for - both in aesthetic and functionality.
She pushed me - in the best way - to hone my vision and mission, and then seamlessly visualized them to communicate my ideas. She remains one of my closest advisors and someone on whom I rely for ongoing branding, marketing, and web needs.”