The Hub App

Designing the most convenient way for social media influencers to connect and collaborate.


The community of social media influencers called The Hub was growing rapidly (30K+ members) and needed another way to engage their users. Being that the majority of users accessed the platform on their mobile devices, creating a mobile app would make it easier for users to connect with other community members.


After thorough research studying the process of how influencers connect with one another, from what they look for in one another’s work, to how they choose to message one another, I designed the app to ease all of the user’s pain points. The product was designed to make the creators experience be as seamless as possible, allowing them to spend less time finding who to work with, and more time actually creating with one another.


I owned the project in its entirety, beginning with user research surveys, wireframes, high-fidelity prototypes, skinning the final designs, and pattern library development. Worked closely with and project managed the development team through daily scrum and Jira, as well as performed and managed thorough rounds of QA and testing before launch. Worked with team to continuously iterate designs based on user feedback.