Veda Warrior

Ayurvedic stress relief, designed by the ancients and proven by modern science.


Veda Warrior’s goal is to simplify and modernize Ayurveda mental health practices to help humanity navigate these unprecedented times.

They were seeking a partner to elevate their brand and website. Their previous site was built using Wordpress, and as a rapidly growing direct-to-consumer brand, they understood the importance of migrating to Shopify which could better handle their evolving complex needs as they grow.

Veda Warrior needed a refreshed brand identity and new website that represented the quality and history of their product. Their previous website was functional, however it lacked the design and character needed to truly represent this unique and mission focused brand.


Our strategic analysis of their existing brand and visitor purchase behavior led us to focusing the brand and website around educating customers about the three different kinds of stress, Pitta, Vata and Kapha.

In order to clearly explain their differences and have users create a connection with each of them, we designed three distinctly different worlds for each kind of stress. This let customers not only see, but feel the differences between each kind of stress, to help identify which kind of stress applies to them.

We re-thought the customer’s purchase journey and identified the first priority was to educate them on what kind of stress they have, and only then would that lead to making the purchase.

This realization highlighted the importance of funneling as many customers as possible to a Stress Quiz, which would identify their kind of stress and lead them to the recommended stress supplement once finished. When users took the Stress Quiz, the conversion rate was exponentially higher than if they did not.

Upon entering the product details page, the user is fully enveloped by an experience unique to that kind of stress through use fo strong color and imagery. By having the product image prominently centered and smoothly following you down the page as you scroll, we were able to unfold the various pieces of information related to the product and the stress type in a unique yet effective way, while still prioritizing conversion.

Delicate hand-drawn details were included throughout the site to pay homage to Ayurvedic medicine’s thousand year old history. To educate customers about the many healing superpants that make up each supplement, detailed profiles decorated with hand-drawn illustrations were created for each ingredient.

Veda Warrior’s quantum approach to understanding the energetics of your stress type was explained through creating a visual system for each of the five distinct forms of energy, which we weaved throughout the website.

The Result

Now visitors to Veda Warrior not only take part in a beautiful and highly usable and engaging online shopping experience, but they also get a very vivid understanding of the world of Ayurvedic medicine. Every Veda Warrior customer now enjoys their experience and feels a sense of calm and confidence when interacting with their brand.