A non-alcoholic sparkling refresher created so everyone can celebrate their moments positively and inclusively.


TÖST came to us with a mission to create great tasting non-alcoholic celebratory beverages that can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere by everyone. They were looking to expand their direct to consumer presence, increase conversion, and create an elevated online experience that tells their story and matches the quality of their product.


We were tasked with migrating their site from Squarespace to a custom Shopify theme. The process required strategizing their brand experience, story and visual identity to help them define and articulating the core positioning and developing the visual identity and brand experience.


Their old website was built in a way so that every product quantity had its own PDP in order to promote bulk orders, which forced the customer to choose between both product type AND quantity within the Collection page.

In order to simplify their experience, we challenged TÖST by re-thinking the customer’s decision hierarchy when looking to purchase and remove any potential friction or confusion. The result is a simplified flow where where the customer chooses by product type first, and then determines quantity, which reduces choice paralysis and increases the effectiveness of the checkout funnel.