Ardea Partners

An industry-changing investment bank looking for an own-able brand identity and web presence.


Ardea Partners is an investment baking advisory firm founded by veterans of the industry. They approached me to brand the company, from the logo, to the branding materials and website.

Design Choices

The founders wanted Ardea to look like a breath of fresh air in a famously traditional industry. In order to create a unique, after researching their competition I designed their branding and website to be arrestingly different than their competition, displaying the company’s fresh forward thinking philosophy. The website was designed to be contemporary and sophisticated through the use of white space, accent color, and subtle transitions.

For the health-conscious lander, I highlighted different content, sections and photography styles to closely target the elements of RISE coffee that would interest that kind of user. All elements on the page were designed and built to be modular for easy A/B testing.


Worked closely with the founders to create a full branding system and and brand materials, which I then expanded into the development of their website. I hired and project managed a developer to build and maintain the site.